{ the bachelor - ben } episode 11 - the final rose.

 the finale committee is a special group. you've had comments from nadia & audra before but now we've added our token, aaron (nadia's husband), lala & abby (and stellie, obviously)  to our mix..

we're all on the same page on this one...

photo of me & the little girl (in her thunder t-shirt) by lala. 

  1. ooooh! nail biter! who is he gonna choose?!
  2. church bells! how ominous. 
  3. rudolph the red nosed ben. 
  4. so if we don't suffer thru watching them sweat to death, we have to suffer thru red noses?
  5. oh yes, court. petting stray animals...... what a sweetie!
  6. [instead of david gray's tune] i wish they'd play ben's hit song "cream dream" --aaron. 
  7. yes, cape. swiss drama. 
  8. what's happening with sister's hair?
  9. she has a khloe kardashian thing going on...
  10. woah. she missed a few pieces...
  11. his center cut bob is killing me. 
  12. good question, mom. 
  13. they re gonna hate courtney
  14. please tell me lindz learns from this look on after the final rose...
  15. blondes, harsh eyeliner is a bad idea. 
  16. they're gonna love lindzi... those dimples are sweet. 
  17. ben's mom is cute. 
  18. this is so uncomfortable. 
  19. proper? how bout "proper-LY." 
  20. what was that strange awkward grin?!
  21. bummer zit, girlfriend.
  22. woof! lindzi's hair is so gross. too thin to be that long... trim it up, girl.
  23. i hope lindz has enough self respect not to take ben back after he picks court. 
  24. sister! are those extensions? they must be. she looks homeless.
  25. wooooah! ouch! horrible position to put lindzi in! not fair.
  26. "than myself".... the girl is a mess with the grammar. 
  27. woah! good, bens sister. 
  28. it is a red flag. 
  29. lindzi is trying too hard. 
  30. good response, lindz. that's the way to handle it. "we're just very different."
  31. looks like ben's sis is wearing a hair cutting cape. 
  32. i wish. 
  33. that hair is a mess.
  34. i'll bet he's the tightest lipped kisser ever. 
  35. i wonder what ben's mom thinks about "cream dream."
  36. ooooh they hate her already. 
  37. do you think the producers tipped the sisters off too?
  38. ponder by the fire.
  39. woah! layers! always.... 
  40. everyone needs a cozy fireplace sweater. 
  41. he flatironed his hair- nadia. 
  42. that's the best he's ever looked- nad
  43. maybe the sister styled his hair. 
  44. and here comes the baby voice. 
  45. she's using a lot of bronzer, eh?
  46. you SHOULD be nervous, ben. 
  47. should we sleep together really quick so i can remind you why you like me?  -nadia
  48. she wore her hair half up to be demure- nadia.
  49. way to launch out with that! "just so you know, the word "model" is a little..."
  50. woah! straight out of the gate with the other girl talk!
  51. they are HATING her. 
  52. just eyebrows out of julia. 
  53. really cute coat on courtney. 
  54. she's gorgeous but she's a cow. 
  55. yep, you've already said all that, court. 
  56. that girl is the ultimate manipulator. 
  57. blame it on your love for ben. 
  58. wonder what julia thinks now....
  59. cute scarf. 
  60. they laugh? really? why havent we seen that?
  61. are you KIDDING ME?!
  62. i love how the music changes-laura
  63. she's a snake charmer- aaron.
  64. "OOOoooh YEAH!" ben is into it. 
  65. i cannot wait to see what they say after this...
  66. oop a baby doll dress .. suuuper innocent. 
  67. "barb," huh? nicknames?
  68. i think ben's gonna look back and think "this show ruined my life."-aaron.
  69. he should have his man card removed.- aaron.
  70. yeah there's depth! i found out in the ocean!- audra.
  71. courtney is NOT the girl you take home to mom.... or maybe she is?
  72. good moral, ladies: act like an ass , make everyone hate you, sex him up & you can still win!
  73. he's proposed twice on national television-audra
  74. you'r life is over- nadia.
  75. sad that the dilemma is should i propose to courtney & what will those repercussions  be....lindz isn't even in consideration. 
  76. oooh nothing says romance like animal cruelty. 
  77. i'm really over the monkey mount. 
  78. "lindzi and I"..... broken record. grammar isn't important to either one of them. match made in heaven. 
  79. she has sex hair in that blue windbreaker! what happens next?!
  80. no one will ever be as cute as kacie b skiing. 
  81. rats nest in the back of that head. 
  82. i am very much into this date. 
  83. he doesn't care. at. all. 
  84. meaningless "yeahs" all over the place. 
  85. wouldn't you be pissed if you were on the gondola behind them?
  86.  what the hell!?
  87. every time they say "red flag" take a shot.. or in your case, "eat something from shake shot"-- kate via text to me. 
  88. wait... is she a child? needs to ski btwn his legs? awkward. 
  89. they're sexing- nadia.
  90. i'm so sure that she's lighting candles and prepping the room. 
  91. you guys are missing that nadias comments are mostly sung in jingles. 
  92. she's a little too squealy-nadia.
  93. that neckline is foul on boobs. drapes strange. 
  94. he's pre-dumping her- abby. 
  95. this is like hearing the jaws music and you want to scream at the idiot to get out of the water. 
  96. wait, what? your sense of humor? you have one?
  97. her vocal fry is KILLING me. 
  98. her closing argument is so sad!!!! 
  99. if anyone said "that's good" after i dropped the L bomb, i would throw myself off the matterhorn. 
  100. this is like a dr working on his bedside manner. 
  101. she's wearing an easy access zipper t-shirt. 
  102. do you think she takes off her shirt like this (two handed zipper pull) and then she shimmys it off? - aaron.
  103.  i love posing in front of the matterhorn. 
  104. oop. only 3 layers on ben today. 
  105. he wears a henley in a different color every time-abby
  106. aaahahaha! depth dig! she had to get it in!
  107. wouldn't be a bach finale with out a helicopter.
  108. it's not even exciting at this point, is it?- abby.
  109. no. no it's not. 
  110. i have a new rule: i think who ever he picks, he has to impregnate so we know that you mean it. and you can't break up. - aaron
  111. did he just say "our love is higher than the swiss alps"....
  112. boys are so stupid when they're in love. 
  113. what does that mean for you love to be "high?"- aaron
  114. are those mimosas? are we having mimosas and kababs for breakfast?
  115. is it snowy there but not cold? - audra
  116. you can't see her hot model bod in a coat!
  117. you should feel SO lucky, ben. she always brings it back to what she's "going thru."
  118. yay! snow angel with baby voices!!!
  119. i hope they fall into that lake. 
  120. long monkey arms!!! woaaaaah! mid hamstring!
  121. waaait..... so theyr'e not even going to pretend that there's any chance he could pick lindz? he said he's in love with courtney and couldn't say it to lindz so ....
  122. those church bells are my alarm on my iphone!
  123. what's with that jaunty vest! is he in newsies?
  124. open the gates and sieze the day!
  125. their kisses are so awkward with such weird pauses. 
  126. what a shock!!! a last-ditch scrapbook
  127. i love you ben! production gave me these photos!!!- audra.
  128. i'll be the producers made this scrapbook to pretend she's human. 
  129. yesss! i love when people read cards to people. um.. just say it ... or let him read it. 
  130. insincere laugh in between sentences that her acting coach taught her. 
  131. more stolen metaphors! are they from sex and the city as well?
  132. dot.. dot..dot...  is that a nod to bentley.
  133. so from the P.S. we gather that she gave him a mix cd .
  134. why is it that every bachelor wants every girl to be vulnerable?! who wants that?!- aaron. 
  135. total man wisdom. 
  136. and the bells of clarity chime. 
  137. how many bells is this?! it's like 54 o'clock. 
  138. it's a tornado alarm- aaron. 
  139. still tolling!
  140. she's the ultimate! nail him & make him defend himself. 
  141. she's a classic sociopath. 
  142. look how smug she looks!
  143. mary kate and ashley olson! prune!!-laura.
  144. good fake tears, court. 
  145. woof. that was an awkward goodbye. 
  146. it's the most beautiful crying. every moment is a photo op- abby.
  147. haaha! i JUST called that they'd fuzzy screen flashback!
  148. i like to sit in bed with full beat. i wake up with fully rimmed eyes. 
  149. i know the montage because i'm a reality tv star- laura (actually me.. in laura's voice)
  150. sexy babydoll, court. 
  151. oooh yeah! cozy sweater dress for the fire & tea shots. 
  152. everything about courtney is disgusting so even when she wears cute clothes, i'm like "that's disgusting! she disgusts me!!"- nadia. 
  153. a hurdle metaphor? woof. 
  154. sweet frosty bubble gum lipstick on that ponder shot. 
  155. neil lane has become totally laughable ever since this & his low end zales (or whatever cheaper jewelry) line. 
  156. don't they usually choose one ring for each girl? 
  157. he chose one... shocking. 
  158. that's a good suit- looks like the one stamos wore in bye bye birdie. 
  159. this music is killing me. 
  160. it's like the shining. 
  161. don't they usually have artists for hair and makeup on the final 
  162. ooooh! eliza doolittle! soooo dramatic with the cape and the gloves. 
  163. and poor lindzi is in a renaissance fair cape. she got the lesser end of the deal. 
  164. this is so phantom of the opera.
  165. she definitely had her makeup done. 
  166. please bless that they don't line lindzi's eyes. 
  167. oop. lined. she must have done that after they finished her makeup. 
  168. i'd hate to be the heli that's circling for hours. 
  169. "this is RIGHT. i have EVERYTHING." famous last words. 
  170. did they maybe curl the ends of his hair with a 1/4 inch curling iron. 
  171. get on with it, lindz. get out of the helicopter. 
  172. she looks like a witch from hocus pocus!!!
  173. ren fair costume. poor girl looks a mess. 
  174. uh, oh! here comes the reject speech!- nadia.
  175. now shiver in that wretched tube top and NO BRA!!!!
  176. "this is the moment girls dream of!"
  177. what?! walking up and getting rejected?!- abby
  178. she's watching this right now totally mortified- nadia. 
  179. is she out of breath? did she hike the mountain?
  180. why is she still selling her self. 
  181. you see the SECOND she knows she's getting the boot. right before the speeck. 
  182. she has the lump right now. 
  183. that mic bulge ... and makeup to cover the tan lines.....
  184. maybe courtney took ben's virginity. - aaron. 
  185. that's why he's so whipped. 
  186. please stop saying "it's someone else. i'm in love with someone else..." woof. ouch!
  187. don't say anything!!!! just walk away, lindz. 
  188. please don't ask a question!!!
  189. this is an abnormally long walk. 
  190. why is she consoling him?
  191. stop it right now! you are tragic. 
  192. ew. don't stoop to his level- audra.
  194. "if things don't work out, call me!"
  195. you're KIDDING! have some self respect! 
  196. i see why she was optimistic, how could she even conceive that he'd pick COURTNEY?!
  197. nice fake green vine for the rose cradle. 
  198. ok. that ring is spectacular. 
  199. he waved to her! she has to know that's a good sign!- laura.
  200. leather gloves, huh? leather?
  201. it's her second "kiss of the spiderwoman" outfit this season. 
  202. it's weird to see a ball gown in the woods- laura. 
  203. it's a mile hike  to get there. 
  204. i'm hating her hair. 
  205. ooop no... we still have sweating, thanks to the hike. 
  206. this speech is so droll. spit it out, dumbass!
  207. ooooh he's so ugly! i can't even look at him! if he had a good personality, it'd be different- audra.
  208. sweet synthesizer angel voices. 
  209. ooh gross!
  210. i won! that's what just went thru her head- nadia.
  211. #winning!!
  212. why would you wear gloves when you're anticipating a ring?!
  213. "oh my DAD?!?!" really? whyyyyyyyyy?!
  214. did you have any doubt? him: you never know.... 
  215. that's reassuring. 
  216. and cue david gray. 
  217. bumps.. are those the dead bodies of the other girls that they walked over?
  218. she just totally angled her face to the camera.
  219. is there toilet paper in those trees?!- abby
  220. FINALLY! after the final rose!!!! this is the good stuff. 
  221. withhold our judgment?! toooo late. 
  222. {peals of laughter}
  223. ben flaccid- audra
  224. oooh! he got the "groban" hair cut. 
  225. ben needs to work on looking interested- aaron. 
  226. interesting?-laura.
  227. both- aaron. 
  228. does the studio audience have to wear jewel tones?
  229. no, you didn't listen to the women, ben. you sent emily home. 
  230. that is a good point... even when kacie b flew in, she didn't give good specific examples of courtney's idiocy
  231. you guys, this after the final rose is making me eat my feelings. in pizza, cupcakes & gummi bears. 
  232. stutter, stutter, stutter. 
  233. excuse me? you're not kissing those women? the women in the kissing photos? i'm confused. 
  234. harrison is right... they MIGHT be perfect together. both idiots. 
  235. she looks amazing. 
  236. love that dress. 
  237. the audience booed? awesome. 
  238. that makeup is draggy! 
  239. their makeup artist is a mess. 
  240. ben is bad cause he didnt' send a rose on v-day? when they had broken up?
  241. peals of laughter from the audience on that he "abandoned me" comment. 
  242. they're together? what?
  243. you guys, if you look up at the ceiling long enough, your fake tears come. 
  244. fake tear voice. 
  245. she needs counseling- laura.
  246. really? they haven't gotten together before this taping?
  247. oooh it's theatre in the round- laura.
  248. with bad acting...
  249. that dress is dynamite. 
  250. i think they're lying about the "optimism" thing.... 
  251. really? the other women's behavior. 
  252. she's really low drama but she totally acts out of character some times- aaron. 
  253. all the times...
  254. every response from courtney is classic manipulation.
  255. that beard is so patchy. 
  256. why would he stand by her?! she's vile!
  257. she's so good at flipping it on him!- abby. 
  258. there's no way they're going to tell the truth on this, the show would lose credibility. 
  259. that evil laugh at the end of the proposal is so sinister. 
  260. she has that fake cry voice DOWN.
  261. ben is crying because he's SO CONFUSED why he's loving this cow after all of this. 
  262. oh, so this is everyone else's problem? not crazy courtney. 
  263. they're meant for each other. 
  264. how are they the victims?! i don't even get it- abby.
  265. harrison! you HAVE A WIFE!
  266. you're proposing to courtney?!
  267. obviously they're going to make her put the ring on again... 
  268. this is vomitous. 
  269. never. this wedding is happening never. 
  270. no other woman in the world will want him after this.. he'd better take it where he can get it. 
  271. cute itty bitty kimono. 
  272. ashley drives me nuts. 
  273. jp is adorable. 
  274. finally! she got an acceptable hair color. 
  275. she look so much better than she's ever looked. 
  276. jp is ALWAYS rocking a pink shirt. woof. 
  277. why doesn't jp just grow hair? 
  278. he HAS a thick head of hair. grow it out. hell.
  279. that was a dramatic pregnant rebuttal, ashley. 
  280. i'm so over her. 
  281. ew. sex inside jokes? "i WANNA call her dr."
  282. what? she already has a ring!
  283. within the year. how specific. 
  284. go away, you two!
  285. harrison is going online tonight so he can marry them. 
  286. she's so awkward. 
  287. the bachelor is so rapey-- they all have gone after each other and are so intertwined...
  288. ok.. so i'm surprised that they pretended to be together. 
  289. none of us think it's real. 
  290. please no more dog voices. 
  291. woof. there it is. 
ok, so honestly, who cares. 
if ben is the kind of guy who can watch all that drama go down with courtney and STILL want to be with her, he's totally perfect for her. sayonara to the worlds fugliest & most boring bachelor ever & the biggest villain winner in bachelor history. 

now.... hold tight for part 2.... the utah contingency is emailing their review asap. (i know you'd hate to miss out on adam's comments).....

what did i miss?


Annie @ Marry You Me said...

Court's dress looked decent sitting down, but when she walked in under those lights it looked like liquid latex lol.

XOXO said...

Ben: "The Matterhorn gives me hope"..... um, what does that even mean?!

Kayla said...

haha so hilarious! did you notice how much weight Ben has lost on ATFR? and he was looking really scruffy. aka. very stressed out?

The Fishers said...

Ben is a jerk. Did you notice he told Linzi he loved her for the first time and then broke up with her. Who does that?

Crystal said...

Anyone else notice Lyndzi's giant zit at meet-the-family? Not judging, it's happened to all of us, but the funny thing is that they EDITED it out during production! Sometimes she had the zit and sometimes she had a faint fuzzy shine on her chin. Anndddd, that's about the most interesting thing that happened last night.

Jennifer Bowman said...

Crystal - I totally noticed that too! Ha too funny. That was about the most interesting thing that happened I agree.

Julie Weiss said...

I was in the haircare section of a grocery store today and saw a box of Clairol hair color with Courtney as the model. She looked prettier than when she was on "The Bachelor". Wish I could upload the photo.