thanks and ever thanks

. Q. me . nikka . 
quite a feast!
{ happy thanksgiving }

we had a show tonight
(nothing like wearing a bra top & tight hip huggers in the opening number
after thanksgiving dinner...)
so i wasn't able to go home.
but, i had a really great day.
started in bed watching the parade
(and crying because i was so happy for my friends
who performed & because seeing my city made me extremely homesick)

then had thanksgiving dinner with nikka @ simon's 
(which was great fun, delicious, and hilarious)

this year,
i'm thankful for

dad's health & optimism
mom's strength and pragmatism
my sisters and their antics
my brothers-in-law and their humor and love
my evie for pretending like she's excited to see me every time i walk into the room
stella for star and her new-found love of snuggling
my nyc friends who pretend they haven't forgotten me yet
my las vegas bestie who has taught me so much about charity
my awesome job & new jersey boys friends
you-thanks for being my friend
the knowledge that i'm right where i'm supposed to be.

i have been so blessed this year.

i hope your belly and your hearts are full from an abundant thanksgiving .

what are you thankful for?


Sunshine said...

You don't know me, but I love reading your blog. You are gorgeous in your Thanksgiving pic!! And as I watched the Macy's parade on t.v. I thought of you and was hoping you were having a good Thanksgiving! I am glad you are liking where you are living and how things are going!

Myself said...
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Myself said...

cute blogs to read ;)