the cloisters

V decided to sell his convertible so we took our farewell ride to the cloisters for my first visit
(i know, i know. you're thinking, "natalie, you've lived in nyc for 12 yrs and you've never been to the cloisters?!" and i'm telling you, "who wants to travel that far on public transport for a museum when i have a million of them within my manhattan radius" then you would concede that i'm smart and we would then talk about the cloisters).

it was so beautiful.

a. i loved the gardens.
b. too many crosses give me the weebs (maybe that's cause the mormons don't do that kind of iconography or cause they were all kinda bloody and intense) but i could totally appreciate the beauty and age.
c. if you go, you should definitely have a meal at the new leaf cafe. because it's delicious and who doesn't want to pay $20 for an omelet.

you should go, too.
in a car.
(but you should also urge your boyfriend NOT to sell his convertible at the beginning of summer because you will inevitably have a million different trips, excursions, and reasons to use the car once it's sold.)

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Emily said...

LOVE the Cloisters. The Merode Altarpiece is one of the most incredible paintings you can see in America.