happy memorial day weekend

all my peeps are either in duck beach (for mormons gone wild)
the hamptons (for ny'ers gone wild)

but i'm keeping it fabulous by
hitting the town last night & tonight
(look out, fellas! i'm back!)
cruising to dirty jerz to see some of my favorite people and their pool
debating pool vs beach for monday


remembering remembering so many people who have given their lives
to keep me living the good life.

happy memorial day!
what are you up to?

*promise, i'll get the bachelorette post up soon---sorry, it's literally taken me a week to get thru!

photo by sussy


Caleb said...

I'm planning on catching the 9am session at the temple on Monday. I might do about 2 hours of work in the office after that. Monday for me is otherwise open.

Kara Hill said...

swimming and bbq at the dvc with the fam. you're jealous. SORRY! :( miss you!