new girlfriends! new girlfriends!

(sam-i-am at schnippers with our nosh)

i have 2 new girlfriends.
they're cool.

i already told you about L
(i met her on the subway. we were fashion soul mates.)
we like to brunch, hit sample sales, and next friday, trapeze.

i met sam-i-am on the last day of jury duty.
she's freaking awesome.
we're ladies who lunch.

last week we lunched @ schnippers.
they have amazing salads and sweet potato fries that come with a honey/maple/cocaine sauce.
it's our new favorite times square haunt.

moral of the story:
new friends can be found on the subway or at jury duty.
when you find aforementioned new friends, definitely eat a lot at awesome places.
that seals the friendship.


jasmine said...

i wanna find new friends! i should do jury duty or ride subways too.

Womans World Magazine said...

I LOVE this so true =) On another note I know you are a busy busy girl but I was wondering if a high profile blogganesta like yourself would like to be a contributor to my womans blog which I one day would LOVE to make into an actual publication!

If you are interested please do email me at: womansworldmagazine@hotmail.com - I L.O.V.E your blog and it would make my day maybe even week!! =)

Katie said...

I wish I were as bold as you and would put myself out there to make friends anywhere. What a full life you have... so many people to love and who love you... including me =)

Jeff and Sarah said...

Cocaine in the dipping sauce? No wonder you loved it so much ! :)Maybe I should go try it out! I love your blog!

Laila Of Course! said...

Awww, that is so cute!! :) I wish I could find friends just randomly on the subway, haha. But it ends up being a creepy old man, instead.

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