things that make me happy today...

(sussy, me, and jelly.. sometime in the 80's after fingerpainting in the tub)

1. feeling sufficiently tight/worked from pilates.
2. meeting new people and smudging the old.
3. artistic excitement.
3. a vocal tune up with gayle.
4. not eating any of the crap i put in my body over the last few weeks.
5. new skin products.
6. new jim-jams.

what made you happy today?


Alice Wills Gold said...

This photo makes me happy.

I think I have one just like it of my three girls and imagining them posting it themselves when they grow up is bringing tears to my eyes.

I love being the mom of three sweet daughters and I hope they will always love each other and play together like you and your sisters do.

ShaLyse Walker said...

The planets were aligned yesterday! Had the best day EVER too! Good for you. Definitely coming to see Saigon when it opens. Amazing!

Mara (The Wedding Cabaret) said...

adorable pic!

My puppy made me happy.. :o)

Susy said...

I will post on my blog later! Come take a peek!

nicole hill gerulat said...

i like that we still have necklaces on.

miss you.

miss rikki said...

great post. loved your idea so much i answered your rhetorical question on my blog. come see!

Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

Today, I am happy that I am happier than I was yesterday. Happy that my kids are behaving, and that I don't feel frayed. Happy that I think I'll actually be able to make a regular dinner tonight for my family instead of lying in bed and feeling like atotal failure. Happy that my feet don't stink! :o)

Randi said...

The beautiful Spring day made me happy. Being able to take a nice walk to the park with my son and spending the morning in the sunshine was lovely!

Brooke W said...

Hey there! Love the pic! You had awesome hair even as a child! Love it! Hey check out my blog and see the post that I did in your honor! You'll like it! www.thewilkinsbunch.blogspot.com