close your legs to married MEN!!!!!!!

PLEASE tell me you watched the
real housewives of atlanta: reunion!!!


hollylynn said...

my mom is obsessed with this show, and so even though i don't watch it (don't have bravo) i watched this with her tonight at her house.

holy hannah. i've missed out!

erin wilson said...

I DVR'd it and saved it to watch this morning so I would be perfectly alert and ready to rewind at every amazing moment.

brandy said...

I just got done watching it!


I wish they were my neighbors.

Can't wait for next season!

Adam said...

nikki and i just watched it last night... all i can say is "oh no she di'int!"

can't believe you got me hooked on that show, it's like a train wreck... you can't look away. This show reminded me of so many girls i knew back home in alabama.

dubya said...

YES! "I'll flip you over that couch!!!" best trashy show EVER!!

Little America said...

I have lived in a freakin' bubble. Those women were insane. Loved the show though. Georgia should proud!

Kristin said...

will we ever know who Big Poppa is? do you think he is an old rich white guy or a youngish african american "celebrity?" ah the things that keep me up at night! p.s. my word verification is celoris...i think that may be its new nickname, especially when whispering in RS