whilst lunching @ my beloved shake shack with 3 of my favorite people on this earth,

i had an urge to use the ladies.

outdoor shake shack = no powder room
and i said nay nay to the portas.

BUT, lucky for me, they have this space-age potty-pod.....

see, you pay your quarter (i had ONE solo quarter at the bottom of my purse... nearly panic-inducing) and you get 15 min of lav time.

the entire room is automatically hosed down tween bottoms so the seat is a bit soggy, but toilet paper is included (a rarity), SOAP was dispensed (another rarity) and it was virtually smell free....

and in nyc, i'd pay more than a quarter for THAT!


Becky said...

absolutely love the shake shack! i can't believe that "restroom."

b. said...

they din't have nothing like that when I lived there.
No. They din't!